Pays P. has been shaped by a shared desire to feel the music keep up pace with every heartbeat. Nothing's set in advance, each member of the band experiences their own wishes and let themselves get carried away by those of others while rehearsing.

Lucas Valero shares some melodic riffs, ranging brightly from folk to punk and noise.
Laura Boullic enables soul-scape human variables expressing herself in a poetic language, which is as mysterious as it is rigorous.
Pablo Valero answers them with a searing strike, gifted with a stoner rhythm at times, breathless at others, mapping the sensitive territory they all uncover together.

« It's Lucas on guitar.
It's Pablo on drums.
It's Laura on vocals.

She strikes the ground with her leather boots, waving behind her microphone.
White shirt, long brown hair on her shoulders, beige trousers.
The pose is here.
She lifts her face, closes her eyes and opens her mouth, she shouts and she complains.
She laughs and scoffs.
This is Laura singing.
Ah ah ah

She reminds us that we need to laugh, that we need to feel proud, that we need to put our chin up no matter.
Because we need some melody to fly away and some rythm to beat time.
[...] »
(Pauline L. Boulba, "Ça va aller",
in How to become a motherfucking legist, n°4, automne 2020, éditions Brook, Paris)

(picture by Marion Bornaz)

In November 2018, Pays P. shares La Pointe Lafayette's stage in Paris with Savak, who invite them to record some songs in their Brooklyn studio. The next autumn, the trio spends a week there, getting back to France with their first album, « Ça v aller » (« It'll be ok »), which will come out on Peculiar Works (US) in september 2021.

"We’ll meet each other here, or yesterday"

In June 2019, Pays P. plays a gig at l'Espace B. (Paris) on the same night as Buck Meek, also a member of Big Thief. The North-Americans later call on the trio to support them on part of their European tour. It's during this tour, the first of the parisian band, that Gravity Music issues the live demo cassette « Pays P. », recorded on a late march 2018 afternoon.

"I think I‘ll have to learn French just for the sake of understanding the rest of the lyrics. Then again, as Big Thief wrote to their parting tour mates in an FB-post: “Your spirit and lucidity translate beyond language”. True."

(Von Barbosa, "Pays P. – Tour done, album to come (and two recordings to shorten the wait)",04.06.2020, Schwarzesbayern online)

(picture by Sara Olaciregui)